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Walking the Walk – Our Green Headquarters Building in Oakland, CA

One of our core company values is environmental sustainability. To demonstrate our commitment to this principle, we remodeled our newly-purchased building using sustainable elements. These features have enabled us to be awarded an ENERGY STAR rating every year since we moved in (2006), including a score of 100 in 2009. Our building is LEED Gold Certified, as of February 2012.

Some of these sustainable features include (with applicable LEED credits):

  • 10kW grid-tie photovoltaic system with intranet metering (see photo)
  • Overall Lighting Power Density of 0.8 W/sf (EA-1.1)
  • Daylight / Views from 90+% of workspaces (IEQ 8.1, 8.2, 8.3)
  • Skylights over high-use areas (1 new, 1 refurbished existing) (EA-1.1)
  • Window retrofit (single to double-pane low-E, operable)
  • Carpet Backing is 70% Total Recycled Content, 50% Post-consumer (Reliance, Embassy) (IEQ-4.1)
  • Carpet is Eco Solution Q 25% recycled content, low-emitting material fully recyclable back into carpet fiber through depolymerization by manufacturer. (IEQ-1.3)
  • No-VOC primer and paint throughout (Kelly Moore Envirocoat) (IEQ-4.2)
  • Cabinetry locally manufactured (MR-5.1)
  • Existing walls re-used (MR-1.2)
  • Kitchen/Breakroom/Copy Room is rapidly renewable natural linoleum (cork / linseed oil) (MR-6)
  • Entry is bamboo flooring (rapidly renewable) (MR-6)
  • Bike rack and showers for employee use (SS-3.2)
  • Site is close to public transportation and close connected to community (SS-2, SS-3.1)
  • Tenant lease is long-term commitment (MR-1.1)
  • Initiated building-wide recycling program & composting (MR Prereq 1)
  • All appliances are Energy Star Certified (EA-1.4)
  • Automated Demand-response AC thermostats

Green Biz

In 2011, both our Oakland and Long Beach offices became recognized as a Green Biz, which means the following:

  • Is recognized as an environmental leader
  • Operates efficiently, strengthening the bottom line
  • Improves employee morale, health and productivity
  • Holds a marketing edge over the competition

Over the years that I have known them, kW Engineering has grown to become an industry leader in energy efficiency.

—Steve Schiller, Schiller Consulting, Inc