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About kW Engineering

kW Engineering provides energy engineering and implementation services within the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries. We identify and implement well-engineered projects that save energy and improve the bottom line for our clients.

As an independent firm, kW specializes in reliable, cost-effective, and innovative strategies for reducing resource consumption in commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. Our well-respected professionals are experts on heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC), lighting, refrigeration, and compressed air systems in both existing buildings and new construction. We develop accurate techniques for estimating energy and cost savings and recommend proven methods for reducing utility costs.

See how kW Engineering is providing real jobs for real people in our company profile in support of AB32 through the California Energy Efficiency Industry Council.

What’s with the small “k”?

Literally-speaking, kW Engineering means “Power Engineering”. We chose the name to simply convey the focus of our firm which has always been energy engineering. kW stands for kilowatt, the unit of measurement used in the U.S. to measure electrical power. Kilowatt is abbreviated “kW” with the small “k” for kilo (or thousand) and the capital “W” out of respect for James Watt, the 18th century inventor and mechanical engineer.