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Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide high quality, technically sophisticated, and objective energy engineering services that are responsive to clients, and enable consumers to save energy and reduce resource consumption, improve comfort and indoor air quality, and lower operating costs in buildings.

To accomplish these goals kW Engineering strives to research the latest technologies and services in energy efficiency and renewable energy, employ state-of-the-art tools and calculation methods, recommend innovative measures for improving building performance, deliver energy savings by guiding clients through project implementation, and ensure that energy savings are persistent by conducting appropriate monitoring and verification (M&V).


Our goal is to provide clients superior service while doing work that is personally and professionally rewarding and contributes to a better environment. We share a personal commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings. We established the company so that we could do the work we love — making built environments more efficient, sustainable, and healthy for occupants and conducting analysis to accurately determine true costs and benefits.

kW Engineering's solid, engineering audit report and partnership helped us obtain a $250,000 grant that will allow our County to save over $130,000.”

— Malcolm R. Nash
Executive Administrator, Sevier County, Utah