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Commissioning Services

What is commissioning? In short, it is a quality assurance process to ensure the owner's needs for the project are met, and the systems are performing at their peak efficiency. We have found that commissioning can pay for itself within five years or less. For further reading,we recommend the California Commissioning Collaborative's Guides for Commissioning New and Existing Buildings.

Buildings are more complex than ever. These buildings require careful startup to ensure it operates as intended, and realizes the efficiency gains promised in design, and provide you with energy efficiency strategies work.

kW Engineering believes in commissioning without delays or drama. We take pride in our ability to ensure that commissioning advances smoothly, responsibilities are clearly defined, and information is directed to those that need it most. Our CxAs have design, construction and startup experience, so we understand how to collaborate with all stakeholders to deliver value throughout the project without impacting schedule or budget.

Over the past decade, our team has provided new construction commissioning and design assistance to owners, architects, property managers, developers, and utilities. Over this time, we have also established our reputation as an industry-leading retro-commissioning (RCx) provider for existing buildings. kW Engineering's experience with new and existing buildings gives us a unique understanding of how to deliver economic results that persist at the meter for all projects.

Commissioning is a small investment compared to the cost and time for design and construction. By leveraging our deep experience with both new and existing buildings, kW Engineering CxAs ensure owners realize and tenants occupy a building that performs better than designed.

Our expertise includes Commissioning for:

We welcome the opportunity to bring our expertise to your project. See our summary of requirements for commissioning for Title 24, CalGreen, CHPS, and LEED.

kW Engineering's Commissioning Team Leadership

Lyn Gomes is our lead Commissioning Authority and a Certified Lighting Controls Acceptance Test Technician (CALCTP-AT/CLCATT). Her commissioning experience, combined with experience in HVAC design, construction, and startup makes her uniquely qualified among commissioning agents. From her design experience, she is able to provide insightful comments and establish a collaborative approach in design reviews. Her construction and startup experience have honed her troubleshooting skills and made her sensitive to the time-critical nature of construction. She has also written system-level O&M Manuals, trained plant staff, and conducted startups.

Jonathan Schoenfeld is the Project Manager of kW Engineering's Commissioning Department. Jonathan is an HVAC systems and controls expert and has been working in the energy efficiency industry since 2004. In addition to his commissioning experience, Jonathan is one of the key members of kW Engineering's Retro-Commissioning Team. Through this controls, commissioning and retro-commissioning expertise, Jonathan understands how a building control system must be designed, installed and commissioned to achieve reliable and efficient operation.

kW Engineering's solid, engineering audit report and partnership helped us obtain a $250,000 grant that will allow our County to save over $130,000.”

— Malcolm R. Nash
Executive Administrator, Sevier County, Utah