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Title 24 Acceptance Testing

Certified Lighting Controls Acceptance Test Providers and Technicians

Lighting is the single largest load in buildings. Lighting control systems can save energy and money and can often quickly pay for themselves. However, an investment into lighting control systems will only be recouped if these systems operate correctly. Commissioning and acceptance testing ensures the systems are properly installed and programmed, improving energy efficiency and delivering economic savings.

Effective July 1, California's 2013 Title 24 standards require installed lighting control systems to be certified before occupancy permits can be issued. These systems must be tested by a California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program-certified Acceptance Technician (CALCTP-AT or CLCATT). kW Engineering is a CALCTP Provider and has multiple CALCTP-ATs/CLCATTs on staff to provide lighting acceptance testing for your next project.

The California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program is a California initiative to increase the use of lighting controls in commercial buildings and industrial facilities. CALCTP is being adopted in other states as the National Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (NALCTP) AND the Washington Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (WALCTP). Early states that have adopted NALCTP/WALCTP include Washington, Michigan, Illinois, and Washington DC.

kW Engineering's solid, engineering audit report and partnership helped us obtain a $250,000 grant that will allow our County to save over $130,000.”

— Malcolm R. Nash
Executive Administrator, Sevier County, Utah