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Energy Analysis

In order to ensure our clients have the necessary information to make reasoned decisions regarding energy efficiency and/or renewable energy projects, kW provides analyses that match the appropriate engineering analysis method with each project’s needs.

Matching Methods to Projects

For many projects, low-cost, straightforward spreadsheet calculations are the most cost-effective way to demonstrate savings and clearly communicate the results. Spreadsheet calculations are quick and transparent, and suffice for many projects. In the case of large and complex measures, involving building envelope or complex system interactions we use more advanced methods such as bin-analysis and hourly simulation using eQUEST.

Quality Control

As a consulting engineering firm, the quality of our deliverables is critical to maintaining our professional reputation. At kW Engineering we have put in place tight guidelines and procedures to ensure that the quality of our deliverables is maintained at consistently high standards. Through the application of these procedures, we have a very high rate of repeat clients. Our quality control guidelines include a quality control review by a professionally licensed engineer (P.E.) for all major deliverables, template analyses to keep costs low and reduce the potential for errors, and using energy balances to make sure the engineer has a solid understanding of where the energy is spent in a building

P.E. Expertise

There is a large percentage of Professional Engineers on the kW staff. We, therefore, understand the practical operation of the systems and equipment we are modeling. We incorporate data collection, performance curves, and affinity laws into our analysis. In addition, this experience enables us to stay with projects to review specifications and proposals and ensure that the designed systems will achieve the predicted savings.


Benchmarking is the process of comparing the performance of your building to other similar buildings by looking at normalized energy use data from existing building stock. This process can often tell one a great deal about the status of a building’s existing operations and equipment. kW Engineering uses benchmarking by comparing buildings to surveys data, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, and our own extensive database of past projects.