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Evaluation Measurement & Verification


Investor owned utilities (IOUs), municipal utilities, and governing agencies often require EM&V support to evaluate and quantify the effectiveness of energy efficiency or renewable energy projects and programs. kW Engineering provides expert evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) to support to our clients.


kW Engineering evaluates projects that make up the program portfolio on a comprehensive basis. Our approach to EM&V typically involves both a quantitative and qualitative assessment.

To quantify program-level impacts, we start by quantifying energy and demand impacts for individual projects and/or measures. For this step we draw from our extensive knowledge of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) protocols.

We assess project impacts either on each project in the portfolio or a sampling basis. kW Engineering staff is well adept at applying cost-effective sampling techniques and ensuring statistically significant results.

Additional Steps

Where appropriate, our evaluation will include identification of free-ridership and persistence of savings issues. The project may include follow-up retro-commissioning to demonstrate installed projects are operating as intended and estimated annual energy and demand impact are being realized.

We provide our clients with overall program evaluation through stakeholder surveys. Stakeholder surveys allow us to gauge overall perception of program effectiveness from critical market actors. Our evaluations include identification of the strength and applicability of current program offerings, perceived ease of program participation, and potential program improvements.


Measurement and verification activities typically include detailed measurement of pre-installation and post-installation energy use. To accomplish this we maintain a large tool library including equipment used to measure specific equipment performance, and loggers to record this performance over time. We have an extensive collection of monitoring tools and can monitor:

  • Liquid and gas temperatures
  • Liquid and gas pressures
  • Power (kW) including power factor, amps, and voltage
  • Liquid flow rate
  • Light levels
  • Air flow (spot measurement only)