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Due Diligence

Impartial Reviews

Some energy efficiency and renewable projects require impartial third-party review to ensure their technical accuracy.

kW Engineering provides unbiased due diligence reviews to deliver a fair assessment of an energy efficiency or renewable project.


During a due diligence review, we examine the technical content of a project and ensure a high degree of accuracy in the calculation of energy and demand impacts.

We believe it is critical to work closely with all parties, including clients, facility owners, and contractors, during the process to ensure a quality review.

Codes and Standards

Our assessments include the evaluation of applied engineering methodologies and all pertinent calculation inputs and assumptions. We consider building codes and standards that apply to a project. We are well versed in a wide variety of local, state, and federal energy efficiency codes. Where applicable, we also consider common industry practice when verifying the baseline conditions.

Site Visits

We frequently visit a site to verify equipment operating parameters during a due diligence review. kW Engineering performs facility site visits across all customer market sectors. Our facility site visits include:

  • Interviews with site personnel to determine hours of operation and equipment scheduling.
  • Visual verification of subject equipment. With owner’s permission, we collect equipment counts, and nameplate data.
  • Various monitoring metrics including spot and/or short term monitoring of power (kW), fluid temperatures, fluid flowrate, fluid pressure, and light levels. We have an extensive library of state of the art portable monitoring and metering equipment. When possible, we may also utilize on-site monitoring equipment, e.g. sensors, gauges, energy management systems. When at a customer’s facility, we work closely with the site engineer or electrician and adhere to standard safety protocols at all times.