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Successful energy programs require streamlined software solutions to collect, manage and report program information. kW Engineering develops and maintains customized, stand-alone and web enabled applications to facilitate efficient project tracking and monitoring, automatic client correspondence, and program report generation. These applications assist our clients and staff in managing critical energy utilization and savings data, client information, and program flow for numerous energy efficiency and renewable programs.

kW Engineering also develops and contributes to software tools that facilitate energy savings calculations. Such products include:

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Program Databases
    • Demand Side Management Program Software - kW Engineering staff designed and implemented a web based application to facilitate the implementation and evaluation of four utility demand side management programs.
    • CSI Workflow — kW Engineering developed workflow management databases for support of PG&E CSI inspections and SCE CSI application technical review and inspections.
    • Commerical Audits — kW Engineering provided design and programming services to PG&E to develop a database to support their large commercial audits program.
  • Commercial Retail Refrigeration Software — kW Engineering contributed to a major redesign of a client’s database application that calculates refrigeration energy savings in small commercial applications.
  • Get Psyched — kW Engineering designed an Excel add-in to perform psychometric calculations.