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Feasibility Studies

Prior to installing a renewable energy system, it is imperative that potential system owners assess expected environmental and operating conditions as well as cost considerations. Due to the complex nature of many systems as well as non-standard environmental conditions, kW Engineering recommends seeking out a professional feasibility study.

kW Engineering provides professional engineering services to evaluate the potential of photovoltaic and solar thermal system installations to facilitate a successful project outcome. We assess the feasibility of such systems along with meeting clients’ needs and constraints. Aspects of kW Engineering feasibility studies include:

  • Interviewing customers to determine selection criteria and sizing needs, cost and area constraints, or percent target for carbon footprint reduction.
  • Assessment of available area and solar access to locate a system.
  • Evaluation of existing electrical or hot water infrastructure to determine needs for integration of renewable energy system.

We utilize this information to evaluate system generation potential and other economic indicators such as cost savings and ROI. Clients include public utilities, municipalities and private companies.