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Comprehensive Approach

A high-quality energy audit is the first, critical step in curbing energy use and reducing the carbon footprint of a building or campus. kW Engineering conducts comprehensive energy audits that guide our clients in the proper course of action by recommending no-cost, low-cost or capital improvement projects to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort and performance.

Our energy audits begin by assessing owner needs, facility operation, and the condition of existing equipment. We then evaluate the site’s energy-saving opportunities and provide an Audit Report including a list of recommendations with detailed descriptions.

Tailored Recommendations

Our staff’s collective expertise allows kW to tailor recommended improvements to each facility. Our clients receive accurate savings and cost estimates which meet the needs of decision-makers, minimize risk, and maximize any available utility incentives. Typical audit reports include:

  • Analysis of historical energy use and costs
  • Benchmarking against similar facilities
  • Recommended Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs)
  • Estimated project costs
  • Estimated energy and cost savings
  • Economic analysis

Breadth and Depth of Experience

Our engineers have hands-on experience with successful approaches to energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects, creative demand response and load management strategies, and cost-effective, self-generation options. kW Engineering can then help bring these audit recommendations come to life. Following the completion of audits, we often work with customers to install and commission these projects.

Range of Audit Services

kW Engineering delivers a wide range of energy audit reports that vary in depth and cost. Though we can tailor our approach to your specific needs, many energy audits fall within one of the following scope:

  • ASHRAE Level I - Walk-through Analysis
  • ASHRAE Level II - Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis
  • ASHRAE Level III - Detailed Analysis of Capital Projects
  • Targeted Energy Audits (targeting specific systems, e.g. chilled water plants)
  • Audits for SBA 504 Loans

Variety of Environments & Industries Covered

  • College & University Campuses
  • Commercial offices
  • Data centers
  • Food processors
  • Government Facilities
  • Grocery stores
  • High-rise commercial buildings
  • High-tech centers
  • Hospital and medical facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Schools
  • Small and medium commercial buildings
  • Telecom switching centers
  • Wastewater treatment