Overview Existing Buildings New Construction Renewable Energy Program Support Commissioning


Studies demonstrate existing buildings can reduce energy consumption by 15% on average through performing of low-cost adjustments to building systems. Simple paybacks for these improvements are typically less than a year. This is because over time, systems lose calibration, building use and equipment change, knowledgeable staff rotate out, and a building’s performance drifts away from the operating conditions of its design intent.

Our retro-commissioning (RCx) team identifies equipment operation problems and recommends solutions that often require little or no capital investment. Most RCx recommendations have a simple payback period of less than 12 months. In many cases, utility sponsored RCx programs help facilities offset the cost associated with an RCx study.

kW Engineering performs RCx projects for many different facility types including:

  • Commercial office buildings
  • Data Centers and Laboratories
  • Schools including K-12 and Colleges
  • Large grocery stores

A typical retro-commissioning effort includes:

  • Reviewing control sequences and set points
  • Calibration of selected input/output (I/O) points
  • Control point verification by commanding and reporting
  • Trending I/O points
  • Conducting performance functional testing
  • Recommending changes to control sequences
  • Optimizing set points to maintain occupant comfort and maximize energy savings
  • Post-installation trending and perform functional testing to ensure control sequences are operating as recommended
  • Documenting findings, set points, and as-built control sequences in a systems manual
  • Conducting building specialist/engineer training