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LEED Support Services 2

The U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC’s) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system provides an extensive framework to ensure a building meets environmentally sustainable design, construction and operation standards. kW Engineering provides technical support to facilities in pursuit of LEED for Existing Buildings through energy audit and commissioning services. kW Engineering energy audits are very well received by LEED community and USGBC reviewers have approved many of our audits without comment on first submission. Our deliverables are specifically tailored to meet the documentation requirements of LEED-online.

Our core services focus on the Energy and Atmosphere (EA) area. Specific EA credits we support include:

  • EA Prerequisite 1: Energy Efficiency Best Management Practices
    • ASHRAE Level I Audit
    • Building operating plan
    • Systems narrative
  • EA Prerequisite 3 and EA Credit 5: Fundamental and Improved Refrigerant Management  
    • Survey of HVAC refrigerant type
    • Third-party audit analyzing feasibility of refrigerant conversion and equipment upgrade if necessary
  • EA Credit 1: Optimize energy efficiency performance
    • Energy Star benchmarking
  • EA Credit 2.1: Existing building commissioning – investigation and analysis
    • Option 1 - Commissioning Process: retro-commissioning study
    • Option 2 - ASHRAE Level II Audit
  • EA Credit 4: On-site Renewable Energy
    • Power measurement and data collection
  • EA Credit 6: Emissions Reporting
    • Energy Star Portfolio Manager services and certified Statement of Energy Performance (SEP)

We also support several credits in the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) category, Water Efficiency (WE) category and Materials & Resources (MR) category:

  • IEQ Prerequisite 1: Minimal IAQ Performance
    • Outside Air Measurements
    • Recommendations for improvement where needed
  • IEQ Credit 1.1: IAQ Best Management Practices
    • Development of an IAQ Management Program
  • WE Prerequisite 1 and WE Credit 2: Indoor Plumbing Fixture and Fitting Efficiency
    • Water fixture survey
    • Recommendations for upgrades if desired
  • MR Credit 6: Solid Waste Management
    • Waste Stream Audit