Overview Existing Buildings New Construction Renewable Energy Program Support Commissioning

Site Inspections

Our staff are typically on site to identify cost effective energy efficiency measures, gather data to in support of calculations to estimate savings, investigate project feasibility, inspect or commission installed systems.

kW Engineering performs site inspections for our clients in support of:

  • Customized utility incentive programs
  • Renewable energy incentive programs
  • Energy Audits
  • Retro-commissioning (RCx)
  • Commissioning installed measures
  • Due diligence reviews on behalf of 3rd parties
  • Construction administration

Our approach is attuned to our customer’s needs, with an emphasis on safe and efficient operating practices. We strive to minimize the impact on the clients’ resources at the site, and make effective use of their staff when they are available.

In many cases on site we represent the local utility company at one of their customers’ facilities. We understand the importance of the utility client relationship and our professional staff strives to protect and enhance that connection.

Additional Steps

Site visits typically include in-depth analysis of the equipment identified by the customer for energy efficiency or demand response. As appropriate, instantaneous or short term monitoring of the equipment’s demand (kW) will be performed while on site. Our staff may collect any monitoring data and operating schedules available from the facility’s SCADA, EMS or control systems to aid in the analysis of solutions. As we assess each of the systems, we collect equipment specifications and operating information on audit forms. Using audit forms ensures that the engineers collect consistent and critical information. In addition, we take photographs of key systems, equipment, and controls for accurate documentation while on site.